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05A7954 Land iguana Santa Cruz05A7964 Land iguana close-up Santa Cruz05A7977 Prickly pear cactus S Cruz05A8031 Swallow-tailed gull in flight S Cruz05A8050 Swallow-tailed gull juvenile S Cruz05A8072 Sea lion sleeping Santa Cruz E05A8103 Sea Lion sunning Mosquera05A8105 Sea lion sunning Mosquera05A8154 Sea lions stretching and napping Mosquera05A8161 Sea lion female with pup Mosquera05A8240 Sally lightfoot crabs on volcanic rock Mosquera05A8245 Newborn sea lion pup Mosquera05A8267 Sally lightfoot crab Mosquera05A8283 Sally lightfoot crab Mosquera05A8329 Sea lion pup Santiago05A8348 Sea lion pup resting Santiago E05A8353 Two Yellow warblers Santiago05A8377 Sea lion pup nursing Santiago E05A8381 Sally lightfoot crab top view Santiago E05A8398 Yellow warbler, female Santiago

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